Products Made (With Love) By Us

Products Made (With Love) By Us

At Nature's Cork, we not only sell - we also create! Our factory has been around for over 70 years, passing down the tricks of the trade from generation to generation. When we see a sheet of cork - we see all the potential it contains, and we do our best to maximize that potential. We are constantly thinking of new, interesting, and useful items we can make.

Cork is so much more than just wine stoppers and memo boards. At Nature's Cork, we use all the unique qualities that cork possesses to create other products. Cork is used for thermal insulation - perfect for us to make cork trivets and cork coasters in all shapes and sizes. Rubberized cork is cork mixed with recycled rubber and has a certain "grippiness" that makes it just right for a mouse pad. We even use our cork fabric to make awesome bookmarks - a great gift for your favorite bookworm. 

We work with a large number of designers around the world, helping them incorporate cork into their work. This might be a cork lid, custom-made for a ceramic jar or for a terrarium, or it might a custom size cork block to be used for displaying items such as jewelry. The sky is the limit and nothing excites us more than a new idea :)

Do you have an idea and want to use cork to make it happen? Feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to assist and advise in any way we can to make your dream a reality.

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