Cork Toys

Cork Toys

Many of us are aware of the importance of eating healthy foods. For some of us, that means more fruits and vegetables. Others may avoid preservatives and additives. For some, it means only organic, non-GMOs. We understand that we are directly affected by the food we ingest, and we should strive (even if we aren't always successful), to consume healthier foods rather than junk food. At the very least, we feel that guilty twinge eating that pint of ice cream, or getting that fast food meal.

If this is true for ourselves, many parents have learned that they are even more careful with their children. It's one thing for us to make a decision for ourselves to eat unhealthy foods. However, as the caretakers of our children, who rely on us to provide for them and take care of them, we feel differently. Many of us find ourselves encouraging healthier eating habits than the ones we adopt for ourselves.

What we don't always realize is that we are affected by far more than just the foods we ingest. The products around us affect us as well. They may cause allergic reactions, or are just made out of materials that generally aren't good for us. That is one of the reasons we encourage and promote the use of cork alternatives for yoga, as well as other areas.

Children's toys are often made of foam and plastic - it's cheap, it's lightweight, it's brightly colored. Just what a manufacturer wants. But is it good for our children? Is it safe for them? Cork toys, such as building blocks, are lightweight and hypoallergenic. They also have a degree of elasticity to them. This, combined with their minimal weight, makes them safer than wooden toys even in situations where the children throw the toys. They come in a calm, light brown tone which can have a soothing effect on children. It allows them to focus on building, and not the bright colorful visual stimulation. The blocks are also made as classic children's blocks, without interconnecting pieces. This forces the child to concentrate on gently balancing the blocks, rather than pushing pieces to "click" together.

Another benefit of cork toys is the example it sets for our children in conserving the environment. While your adorable one-year-old may not know the difference just yet, they will. And if you have older children at home it is an opportunity to explain how important it is to use biodegradable materials, to avoid chopping down trees, and to be more aware of the way we treat the world around us - planting trees, recycling, and more.

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