Cork Fabric and Vegan Accessories

Cork Fabric and Vegan Accessories

Today, cork is no longer used only for wine bottles and bulletin boards. Cork is used for hot plates, yoga products, furniture, and more. One of the fields cork has broken into is fashion. Today you can find a variety of items made of cork fabric, such as purses, bags, shoes, belts and even umbrellas!

One of the main reasons to opt for cork fabric is that it is an amazing vegan substitute for leather. The cork is harvested from the bark of the tree so that not only is it not made from animal byproducts, the tree itself is not cut down to harvest the cork! The bark regenerates itself making cork one of the most environmentally friendly materials there available.

Apart from the fact that it is a vegan and eco-friendly material, cork has other qualities that make it excellent for fashion items:

** Natural texture - the fabric is characterized by a special look that really highlights the texture and grain of the wood. Just as no two trees are the identical - every wallet, every bag, every hat will be unique and special, with its own texture.

** Lightweight - the cells that make up cork are filled with air. This means that the material itself (and therefore products made from it) are significantly lighter than similar products made from other materials. While this may seem less crucial when it comes to a belt, when it comes to a wallet or purse, the difference can be quite significant!

** Water resistant - The cork bark has a wax-like substance called suberin. Suberin protects the cork so that it doesn't get damaged by the water. There are even umbrellas that are made of cork! So you can walk around with your bag and hat in the rain without worrying about it being ruined. Cork is also antimicrobial and doesn't get moldy, so aside from being not being damaged by the water itself, they are protected in this respect as well.

** Durability - the cork feels very luxurious, but that does not mean it isn't durable! The cork does not get worn out easily, so the products are also suitable for everyday use. Even if the bag gets a little dirty, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth, perhaps with a drop of soap if necessary.

We hope you are as in love with cork fabrics as we are and are all set to buy your first (or next!) cork fabric wallet, or maybe you prefer a belt? Check out our products here.

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