Choosing the Perfect Cork Lid

Choosing the Perfect Cork Lid

They say every pot has a lid. Well - every jar can have a cork lid!
Cork lids are an excellent solution for sealing jars, bottles or other containers. Cork is a natural material, and unlike other synthetic materials, it doesn't emit chemical fumes. These fumes, aside from being potentially dangerous, can also affect the smells and flavors of any food stored inside your container. Cork is nature's gift to us, and has been in use for hundreds of years. In addition to the advantages of using a natural material, the color and texture of the cork can give your container a more rustic feel. The density of cork is such that while it seals the container well, it is still easy to take in and out. 

Speaking of density - that is the first thing we have to think bout when we are picking a lid. The coarser the cork granules are, the more resistant they are to water, and are therefore particularly good for long-term use with liquids (such as wines). The finer the granules are, the more elastic the cork is, so it is more suitable for lids that are in constant use, as they are easy to push in and take out.

If you're using your cork lid for a jar or bottle containing liquids, you may choose to add a special lacquer to help create an even better seal, particularly if it's a "long-term" seal. 
Our lids are suitable for jars, bottles, ceramic ware, terrariums, and more. It's important to choose a lid that fits your opening well. When ordering online, you don't have the option of trying out the lid. Therefore it's important to measure the opening very carefully and pick a lid based on the diameters of the top and bottom of the lid. Our lids are about 4/5"-1" thick. 
Ideally, you want your opening to be right in the middle, maybe slightly closer to the smaller diameter so you can press the lid in tightly, and still take it out. This is particularly true of ceramic ware, where the opening is not always a perfect circle and may need to rely a bit more on the cork's elasticity for a good fit. 

Our factory is unique in that we make custom-sized lids. We make our lids carefully, one at a time, and with lots of love, using techniques passed down from generation to generation.  

Do you want a dose of inspiration? Nitzan Gilad, a talented ceramicist, used our cork lids for her incense holder, completing her beautiful, hand-crafted set. 

In addition to our custom-made lids, we also sell standard size stoppers in a variety of sizes. Another one of our customers (check her out on Facebook or Instagram - Charlotte's Studio!) used these stoppers for the adorable house-shaped salt and pepper shakers! She even incorporated them into the design as a little chimney. These stoppers are excellent as sealers and are often used in the medical and pharmaceutical fields for test tubes and other laboratory equipment.

The sky is the limit! If you need a certain size lid, or have any other question, let us know and we'd be happy to help!

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