About Us

Nature’s Cork is a family owned business and has been selling cork worldwide for 3 generations. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality cork, a product both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking for a yoga block for your next yoga session, a unique set of cork fabric placemats to dress up the table or an exquisite (waterproof!) cork wallet, Nature’s Cork is the place for you.

Cork is a very versatile material and has a broad spectrum of uses, from agriculture to architecture. Cork has many properties that make it an excellent alternative to other synthetic materials. It is lightweight, durable, offers both thermal and acoustic insulation, and of course – has a beautiful, natural appeal. These qualities make cork ideal for flooring as well as decorative wall tiles, for thermal insulation in construction, for acoustic insulations in music studios, for yoga products, such as blocks and mats, and of course, for wine stoppers, memo boards, and hot plates.

More recently, cork has been used to create cork fabrics, as a vegan alternative to leather. This amazing material looks like cork but has all the flexibility of fabric, so it can be used to makes wallets, bags and even umbrellas! It comes in many different colors and textures, and even incorporates other natural substances, like fennel and straw. 

Many materials used today in the different industries are synthetic materials, not biodegradable and vastly increase our carbon footprint. Even some of the more natural materials are not truly environmentally sound. What is unique about cork is that it utilizes the cork oak trees’ wonderful bark, without needing to cut down the tree. The bark is stripped from the tree and replenishes itself time and time again. Cork oak trees can live for decades!